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How does the Trust support school garden projects?

The Trust supports schools through grant aid for specified, viable and financially thought through projects. Each application is considered by the Education Committee before a site visit is made to the school.  Schools may also be supported by parents through either PTA or garden club input. The Com­mittee then allocates funding up to £350 towards the project. We also follow up the awards by receiving photographs of the completed project, re-visiting the school to see progress or even being invited to a grand opening of the scheme.

We want to extend our work into senior school level (years 7- 11) in particular. Pressure on gardening at this level has meant that it has almost died, except in some specific schools. We would also like to sup­port schools by getting either the local garden club, allotment group or Trust members involved to put in some gardening expertise. Too often a teacher is allocated the task of running the school garden area with little knowledge, interest or time.

We have been able to help increasing numbers of schools and, since Somerset County Council has publicised the availability of support and grants from the Trust, there have been many successful applications.  If you would like to apply for a grant for your school’s garden project, please email the details to us at